Strike Force

Hello all, those still around.

I just read this really excellent article on job searching. I think most or all of it is very, very insightful.

Yesterday I started work at 5am and just steamed on through until like 9pm. I was so tired that I couldn't sleep. It was brutal. But I did get a good night's sleep. I've been reading some articles on the various revolutions in the Middle East and I couldn't help but reflect on how great it is to be able to express dissent without fear of reprisal. cI mean, we got it good in the US... comparatively.

I am almost caught up at the studio, which is a nice feeling. My inbox is pretty much empty so I'm kind of drumming my fingers to set up new projects.

We finished a studio army, the 2500 pt Desert Strike Force. I'm quite proud of it. It's been a dream army of mine for quite a while, and it's awesome on all levels; looks good, plays hard, and with a solid theme. It looks spectacular on that middle east type board.

Purchase info.

I have some Champions books now and I've been reading them with not a small amount of relish. Sixth edition is absolutely fantastic, well done all around and I can't wait to play it. I am dreaming these days of having more time. I haven't taken a real vacation in seven years-- always working. Not that I'm getting tired of it. I have quite a pleasant existence overall, and if anything I need to be more grateful.

I have brought on two new painters and both are turning out quite well. They are in a trial period so we'll see how it goes. This round of hiring brought in some incredibly well qualified applicants. The standard is getting quite high-- people with impressive portfolios.

Last few days I've had a terrible persistent cough making it hard for my poor wife to sleep. And baby had quite a fever last night, so a miserable tunnel all around there. Baby is better. I'm headed to the doctor on the morrow-- this is ridiculous.



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