Signal from the Collective

Valhalla is a four day gaming event that we run up at Sundance, a resort up in the mountains of Utah. We rent a spectacular forest mansion and play miniatures battles games on awesome boards. And stuff our faces.

Sadly, I still have to work during Valhalla, and it was a pretty depressing weekend for sales. So kind of a mixed bag for me. But don't get me wrong, Valhalla was super-awesome. I got in a game with my Dark Eldar army, which I love everything about (it).

I always think twice about saying anything bad that's going on in my life on the blog because it sounds like I'm complaining. But I suppose there's nothing wrong with acknowledging personal challenges.

So, this morning (Sunday) I woke up around 9am, super late for me for sure. I was up on the "bridge" a bridge-shaped loft four stories up on the mansion. There is a fireplace up there (which we don't use). To either side are half-doors that lead out to a small balcony like a hundred fifty feet up in the trees. At night, I open both doors to a perfect seventy-five degrees, and the sound of the river in the ravine below, and fall asleep. In the morning the birds start singing as the lights turn up on the world. It's absolutely fantastic. I can't get enough.

Than a breakfast of quiche and five chocolate chip cookies. To make a long story short after that it was a nightmare morning trying to get back home. I missed the ordination of my nephew to Elder (we rushed to Salt Lake but didn't make it) but were in time for a family BBQ. Then back to Spanish Fork 40 minutes south to teach the Elder's Quorum lesson. Then to clean the church. Then to pick up the truck at the studio. Then home finally.

So sweet to take a shower and just lay on the bed.

I'm keen on picking up some Champions books. Not sure which edition is good.

Speaking of RPGs I'm pretty stoked about Tuesday D&D. Think I'm going to change it to Wednesdays.



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