Epic on the Block

See them and Buy them here.

Epic scale Space Marines

2x Warhound Titan
1x Space Marine Land Raider box (4x land raiders)
3x sprues of Space Marine vehicles (7x tanks per sprue)
2x sprues of Space Marine infantry
1x Land Speeders sprue
1x Imperial Thunderbolts sprue
1x Imperial Marauders sprue
2x Thunderhawk blisters
2x Dreadnought blisters
2x Space Marine Vindicator blisters (4x vehicles per blister)
1x box Reaver Titan
1x Terminators blister

Epic scale Orks
1x Ork Gargant box
2x Ork Warband box
1x Orks Stompa Mob box
2x Ork Fighta Bommaz blister
3x Ork Battlefortress blister
1x Ork Deth Koptas blister
5x Ork Gunfortress blister
1x Ork Warbikes blister
2x Ork Warbuggies blister
7x Various Sprues



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