A Few Photons Never Hurt Anybody

The principal concern on my mind these days is the monolithic (and limited) obligations associated with our renovations of the building. I have to round up a fair bit of money this week. Monday preferably. It's going to be a rough August, September and October, but if we make it through all should be well.

We are working on transferring all things from the for sale gallery to the for sale section (with automated checkout). Everything is still available if you just email me; likewise if you have a credit you can just contact me, tell me what you want and I'll pull it manually.

And now to family matters. Tamie was up in Montana with family and my little Willow visiting relatives. I was pretty aggrieved that she left me during a tough time with the older three kids. But some rearranging the schedule saw me through.

One magic afternoon we went to the Hawaiian shave ice stand, the kids with their little bikes. I have four children ages 2-12. I think it's easier to have four kids than one. The one child relies on parents for familial attention, but four tend to rely on each other for entertainment and problem-solving. Not knocking certain number of kids or telling you how to live your life, just making an observation of my own case. I absolutely love my family. I can't get enough of them.

Today I just read D&D books and watched Voyager. We went to church, but only for about an hour. When my wife finally rolled into town, and we unloaded her luggage it was a joyous reunion. Willow hugged me quite hard and for a long time, patting me vigorously. My royal queen is once again at my side.



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