Anomalous Reading

I got up at 5am. I forgot to shave this morning and the scritchiness of my bristles is keeping me awake. I tried to grow a beard once and didn't like it. Clean-shaven for me.

I had a dream that I was a teacher again, on a field trip with other teachers and their classes. I'm leading a group of kids single-file through the forest, meadows on either side of the trail. Then I see a white bear cub nearby. That's a bad sign because mother can't be far, and sure enough here she comes, sniffing the air wanting to know why all these people are near her cub. I urge the students to keep moving, without running. The mother bear is now in the trail behind me. I am standing between her and the students. She is now moving faster and instead of retreating I am moving towards her. I realize that there is no other option-- to fight and surely die. I am ready. But it turns out that as I step forward, completely resolved, the bear turns away back into the forest.

Last night I went to a raw dinner (ie uncooked veggies only) with my wife. It was up in the hills above Spanish Fork, nearer the crest of the mountains. It was close to heaven with a perfect evening breeze, sitting on the front porch for a bit reading my books and spending some time with my lovely wife.

What more can I say?

It was just me and Willow at church today. She loves her nursery class. "I'm going to class!" she says, bobbing her head back and forth, curls bouncing, "I'm going to see my new friends!" She's so happy all the time, an absolute delight.

Another lazy Sunday afternoon has passed. I ate potatoes with butter, salt and pepper, and my wife made some brown rice with curry and veggies for dinner. Cherry lemonade.

I took the boys to the studio to play some Champions, and I have to say that system is a lot more complex than I remember, but I am determined.



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