Anti-fluxing the quadratonic warp manipulator

The weather has changed. It's a little cooler out every night. The first fingers of autumn are creeping around the hills.

I feel good. I slept for hour and hours this morning. The kids moving in and out of the bedroom, watching Spongebob on my laptop, jostling me partially out of unconsciousness with their squirming. I was pretty much useless.

My wife and I took a few laps around the block bright and early. I need to exercise more. Well, I need to exercise at all. I do love my darling wife. I couldn't be happier. I married a good woman; humble and forgiving. She always makes me want to be a better man.

My moustache is now noticeable and normal distance of human interaction. My wife hates it. She says blech when I ambush kiss her; scruffing My kids are fascinated by it.

My wife made peach jam today. And froze peach slices for later use in smoothies. This all from a crate we picked up at the farmer's market.

I think the long hours catch up to me on Sunday. My energy comes from resting up really well, sleeping plenty.

I am eating less than half the bad food I normally eat, replacing in fresh veggies and water.



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