Split Shift Saturday

I was up at 5am this morning and cleared out my Inbox. I'm as close to being caught up with everything as I ever am.

I am drumming my fingers just waiting to set up new projects this afternoon.

Call at 801 372 8545
Email me at bluetablepainting@gmail.com
Skype bluetablepainting
Facebook Shawn Gately

In other news, on Friday I paid off the last of my SBA loan yesterday. I took out a $15K SBA loan in 2005. It was a bad move. At the time it only helped me perpetuate the mistakes I was making. I eventually made the needed corrections a year later. I paid on the net about $6K in interest on it over the years. I don't advise getting loans for a business-- shoe-string it and sleep well at night. It takes longer but is very rewarding.

This is in general how I have run my business. Slow and careful expansion.

That represents the last of the bank debt of the business. And for me personally I just have my seemingly perpetual student loan. No credit cards. No other bank loans. So, that's a relief.

Special for the weekend: 2000 point Iron Warriors army reduced from $950 to $750.



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