Dreadfleet Costs

You have to acquire the box set or models and have them sent to the studio. You can have it shipped direct from GW if you want. I may not be able to acquire more than a few copies.

Update: we currently have four sets available at $115 each. These are for commission only (ie we don't want to just sell the box by itself).

Assembly $110
Painting L2 $280
Painting L3 $390
Painting L4 $460
Painting L5 $680

10% less on painting if you give us artistic license.

Plain sails +$0 (a drybrush to pick out some detail)
Basic sails +$50 (general work to pick out bas relief on sails)
Detailed sails +$120 (solid paintwork with highlights)

That's for the models in the box.



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