Taking a Life: Thoughts on Labor Day

Warning: the following isn't very well-written, and doesn't quite express it... right. But I've already moved on so here's the barf-up of my jumbled inner thoughts on Labor Day.

In the US, we have a system of income tax by which some people have their money taken from them and it is given to other people.

I work with quite a few of these people. In fact, I am the person who has to extract their money from them, their labor.

Let's say someone who works at BTP makes $10 per hour. When it comes time to pay that person they get a list of "with-holding" items on their checks. This usually adds up to 10% or so. Then, I pay employer side taxes approximately the same amount. So, $9 to the worker and $2 to the government.

A fifth. A fifth of our labor is taken. What is the difference between taking a fifth of the life of five people and all the life of one person? Answer: one is called a taxpayer and the other a slave.

Additionally, I lose my time to the tune of about forty hours a year. Or I can spend time earning money so I can pay an accountant $65 an hour. I perform this service for the Federal Government without compensation. Should I refuse, I can be fined or jailed.

If I refuse to pay the money I get a letter in the mail. The letter is a threat. It says: we are ready to come and take it by force. The Sheriff will have a gun with him.

Where does this money go? It is swept into an almighty $1,000,000,000,000.00 pile in the middle where five hundred men get to vote on how it is spent. That is one big carcass and it attracts a whole flock of vultures.

So, who should be upset about this wretched system? Who will take to the streets? That's what amazes me: it's the tax-getters. They are out of their minds when the money stops flowing.

It's the tax-payers that should be upset. Me. I should be out in the streets. But I'm not doing that. Instead, every time I'm bothered by it, I make a donation to a constitutionalist candidate. I make a donation to Ron Paul.

I am including corporations, notably banks, in this list of parasites. In fact, they are the worst offenders, the biggest tax-getters. Juicing the masses through the income tax, higher prices, then getting the loot through the back door in the form of legislation and government contracts.

A fair tax? 0% What could be fairer?

That's the difference. There are some people who want to own their own lives. Nothing more. Just to not have to be forced to give over control to someone else. And there are others who think themselves wise enough to run other people's lives vicariously through government programs. Coercive Utopians. If only they can get the right person in charge. There should be no one in charge!

That's why I love Ron Paul. The President who doesn't want to run your life.



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