Studio Tyranids

First off, I got Tyranids cooking. They are out of assembly and going into painting.

1x Swarmlord (with magnetized arms so later it can be a hive tyrant)
3x Tyrant Guard with lashwhips
1x Tyranid Prime
1x Doom of Malantai

2x Spore Pods

40x Hormagaunts
40x Termagants
2x Tervigon
8x Shrikes
1x Tyrannofex

Also adding:
2x Tervigons (and re-doing the two already done Tervigons which will be going on the block tomorrow) for a total of 4x
60x Termagants
20x Hormagaunts

Something like that. Got to come up with a color scheme now. I'm thinking dark purple carapace and gruesome pale green skin. Need a third color though.

It needs 9x Hive Guard I think. Might mix in some Zoanthropes for kicks, I really like that unit. I want to make a Hive Guard conversion, roughly the shape of a biovore.



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