Testimonial- Back in the Saddle

I got this from a client who had two armies stolen from his car. We traded in the remnants and made him a new army.

Hey Shawn,

Received the 2nd half of my models I ordered through receiving credit for my Tau trade in. After having had most of my models stolen from my car, I seriously thought I was out of the hobby for good. Rebuilding my Tau to a competitive format would have been prohibitively expensive, and 100% of my Chaos Daemons were gone for good. The value I received in trade is more than enough to put 2500-3500 points of Chaos Marines on the table and has allowed me to retain a firm place in the western Washington competitive 40K scene.

I'd like to thank BTP for turning one of my most disappointing experiences, into a positive new beginning for my favorite hobby. An extra big thanks to Janene for all her helpfulness throughout the process, to allow me to get the most for my credit.

Additionally, big kudos to whomever does the final packing and shipping for BTP. The models always arrive unscathed and packed with care, and within the most minimalistic packaging to get the job done. As an entrepreneur myself, I recognize that "extra effort" that is taken to not only ensure proper arrival of the product to the customer, but to minimize cost to the business. I wish I had someone as customer-caring and waste management minded packing for me!

Keep up the great work, Blue Table, you are doing great things for the hobby and the greater war gaming community.

Later days,



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