Sunday, September 25, 2011

Well, it was one hell of a week. It seemed to just fly by, just a blur.

I just love Sundays. It's time for some serious relaxation. I spent the morning playing around with various Tyranid lists, including a nightmare of gribblies, something I just have to see on the board against the worst things it can go against, like Draigowing or the Dark Eldar venom-heavy army (still for sale apparently).

My life is a paradise. I love my family ever so much and the kids are growing up so nicely. They get along pretty much all the time. My rose-brick cottage is a place of love and contentment. I chilled out in bed and watched like ten episodes of Stargate. We ate chips and salsa with garlic hummus. And a baked potato for dinner for me.

I am actually exercising these days. My wife saw a neighbor hauling out an exercise bike and she commandeered it. That thing is a godsend. I've been at it at least 22 minutes a day. I fire up a comedy on netflix (the IT crowd) each night when I get home and pedal away. I've also introduced some dumbells and my arms are ever so sore. I'm going from nothing to something at least. Tamie told me that for the weights I should only do them every other day for the time being. I feel good and have dropped seven pounds. Can that be right?

Every day without fail so far. I think I will make it. I definitely need to do something.

Then of course church. I actually went to Sunday School where the topic was Romans (epistle that is) which is precise timing since that's what I've been studying to the exclusion of all else for months.

In the evening we got the whole family into the kitchen and cleaned it up real good, even mopping.

I feel a ton better today, after a good rest. I am ready to tackle a new week.



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