Fungus Nids 2: Revenge of the Fungus for sale!

See more pics here.


It is 5000 pts. I have played it in various Batreps (see below). It is a strong army and a gem in Apocalypse. This army is a jewel. Only one of them.

Cost and purchasing info. This is bulk

You can buy per unit as follows (some have been sold, here is what's left.

1x Tervigons $95 each
0x Doom of Malan'tai conversion $75
0x Hive Guard $35 each
6x Venomthrope $30 each
0x Zoanthrope $30 each
3x Pyrovore $30 each
2x Spore Pod $50 each
8x Genestealer $40 for the brood
0x Broodlord (space hulk) $29
90x Hormagaunts $40 for a group of ten
70x Termagants $40 for a group of ten
18x Spore Mines $35 for the group
6x Shrikes $25 each
20x Gargoyles $45 for a group of ten
1x Tyrannofex (Forge World Heirodule) $190
2x Carnifex $65 each
0x Trygon $105

You also get the recipe of paints and methods used. This is a very, very important item as it allows for duplication. On top of that you get 20% off painting costs for any future expansions to the army. You know you love it.



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