Blue Table Painting Fantasy Camp

Summary: You stay six days (Monday to Saturday).  You live in the BTP house with BTP staff, and come to work every day except that you are there to assemble, paint, and get lessons from staff on how to convert and paint your models.

We don't provide models for you.  You can bring your own or have us supply them at a cost.  Basically, you are a part of what we're doing.  The skill is what you'll get mostly, training.  You also go out to eat with the boss at least once.  We provide basic transportation

Cost $1500.

We can also pro-rate for a shorter three day visit = $750.

If interested, I will give you more details.  Right now there is one and only one golden ticket.  You can bring a friend if you want.  You share the room.  Cost is +$400.

We accommodate your schedule.  We're ready to move on it right away.  When is the soonest you can get here.

Had a fan contact me with questions here's my email back

Sure thing.  We are still firming up details ourselves.

You arrive at the airport or station and we pick you up.  You go out to get settled at the BTP house, a master bedroom with private bath, just average middle class US, nothing fancy.  Three other staffers live in the house and my understanding is they play quite a bit of Mordheim.  They are not loud, drinker, smokers nor slobs.  Just nice folk such as we like to hire.  They are not paid, though, to necessarily socialize.

You'll come to the studio to do your work, paint or assemble your own figures, basically just be here.  The big part is that you will get training from staff just as if you were a new painter here.  Professionals and seasoned veterans will teach you.   I would imagine at least 12-18 hours of direct instruction.  I imagine that you will get a super-concentrated dose.

We can provide materials but that is extra.

Other than that you can expect the same sort of experience and socialization that you see on our vids.  You're like our honored guest.  At least one batrep if you're game, and I'd like to take you out to dinner.

We do want to meet/interview (?) people before they are accepted out, just like a regular college.  I like Skype but phone works, too.




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