Waaagh! to end all Waaaaghs!

All right folks, I got an Ork army coming in.  It's a ridiculous size.

Purchasing Info here.

4 Stompas
1 Uber Tank (the massive one from Valhalla a few years back)

5 Battlewagons including one lifta

10 Nob Bikers

5 smaller vehicles

Grot mega tank plus 7 grot tanks

35 Grots
6 field pcs

120 Boyz sluggas and shootas

20 Nobz

15 Kommandos (FW)

10 Burnaz

25 Lootas

5 DeffKoptas

3 Deff Dreads

6 Killa Kans

10 Storm boyz

5 Meganobz

10 Assorted Characters

Forgeworld Hvy Truck Gun

Three Trucks including a scratch built big gun. 

2x Meka Dreds

Contents may vary, I have not received the army to inventory it.



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