The last few weeks I've been playing D&D with my sons, about three times a week as I mentioned  in my last post.  We have converted a room in the house into our D&D room.  We've become a lot closer and I've learned a lot about them.  Jonah is more methodical and open to new ideas, but by the same token more likely to follow along.  Griffin is more outspoken, a man of action, and also a keen tactical mind.  They are both very mathematical and have no trouble doing the calculations needed right in their head.  I am so proud of them.

The pic above is older, when we were playing at the studio.

At the studio I am downstairs in a provisional office setting up the Trade Stock program.  For ten days I have been in the groove and I love it.  I get in this mode where eating and even sleeping are a burden.  When the hunger pangs start to really gnaw I run up and grab a sandwich, eat it with one hand while continuing to work with the other.  Workaholic?  I would take a bow for that.  My true expertise is setting up systems; organizing human and material resources.

I have currently set up the new webstore, created a system to put up new listings as well as safely store the models.   I cleared the main Inbox of the studio.  I put up over a hundred listings.  I think that at least 200 more are coming this week.  The plan is to funnel all items for sale into one location.  That means the Master Lot List is going away after this week.  Mike D. is coming in for the next two weeks and we are going to solidify the program on all levels and begin training someone to run it.  I will still stay on to supervise probably through the end of the year.

I am creating a system there where there may be as many as 50,000 listings.  I believe that GW price increases are going to spur on the secondary market and I want a part of that.  I find it quite stimulating and our main business (assembly/painting on commission) compliments that perfectly.  It allows me to refurbish select models/armies on the spot.  Next year I predict there will be a team of 3-4 people and soon thereafter full-time artists just for refurbishment.

Also this week we set up a business relationship with Secret Weapon Miniatures.  I like that company and the owner, Justin McCoy, is a delight.  Oh, and I also learned how to use the HD camera and software so that's coming.

I've also been watching Stargate Atlantis.  The production value on that show is tremendous.

My lovely wife picked up Indian food last night, quite a splurge but it really really hit the spot.  A little chicken vindaloo set the whole week right.  I heard about that dish from Red Dwarf, which incidentally I watched all eight seasons through the last week.  Now I just need someone to send me some Topic bars!  I do ever so love my family.  Being with them is a delight.  I just can't get enough.

Willow is at the magic age of imaginary pets.  She went around a whole day with her finger pointing out because there was an invisible bird on there.  As we were leaving an ice cream shop she gave a startled "whope" and ran back in because she left her (intangible) bird on the counter.  She gives here imaginary dog a bath when she takes one.



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