Week in Pictures

Absolutely crazy week.  I should write every day like I used to.

We signed for the studio building this week.  It's now in our name.  How exciting is that.

The whole wargaming world is holding its breath for sixth edition which is not good for BTP.  So I can't wait.  Studio Necrons are well underway and we got in a ridiculously huge Ork army.

Valhalla was hugely successful, even more than any one we have ever done.  I played three games, all Warhammer Fantasy with my Chaos Dwarfs, but the staff schedule for playing other games was precision smooth, so we got in plenty, plenty of 40K as well as our planned demos of DUST and Operation Squad and Mordheim.  Also, got 40K nation out and it was great to meet them.  My whole "meeting of the minds"
has plenty of potential.  I'm currently making a comprehensive list of everyone and every company in the wargaming industry.  Then pick some of them as top choices for inviting out to Valhalla.

And we've got other plans, too.

What else?  I missed my kids.  I got home Saturday night and it was a delight to see them again.  The boys and I stayed up late and watched Thor on Netflix.  Tamie stayed up at Valhalla to help with cleanup.  So, I got the kids to church (super-late) this morning.  Always good, but kind of a pain to round up the church clothes since I don't know where anything is without my wife.

And now the pics:

 A ridiculously awesome omelet that my wife whipped up for me one morning.  Super healthy, too.
 Some staffers and I went out to McD's for a Sundae.
 Shannon gave me a world-class haircut on Wednesday morning.
Thomas was one of our guests for Valhalla.  He's from Sweden.  He's all right.

Monday is going to be a big day.  I got Robbie D. coming in and we're going to get Valhalla tickets up on the webstore and about a zillion more listings.



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