GW Order Deal

Do you like this alternate BTP logo?

Make a GW order for us.  Here's how it works.  You make the order and have it sent directly to the studio.  You get a credit equal to the retail value of the figures plus 10%.

We need a retail value of about $2000.  But if you can do it, only less than that, just get in touch.

I'm sure I don't need to do the math for you on that.  The leverage here is that you are likely to find a discounted rate, and with the Retail Plus 10% as a credit... well you can do the math.

The credit can only be used for Assembly and Painting service.  However, you can use it for an existing project.

When the models arrive in the studio, we do the calculation and you get confirmed for your credit.

As a side note we also need a Privateer Press order as well.  And some misc. stuff.  You may or may not be able to do it depending on your sourcing.

PS- your Ron Paul fix.  Current item that talks about Unions


Stable Platform

Warhammer 8th Edition is at its zenith.  There are five published books out of fifteen.  There are at least two or three more good years of this rules set.  People know what to expect.

In my dream world here are the armies I would create and own:

Chaos Dwarfs
Already got this one and underway, need to make 4x Bull Centaurs, 1x Hellcannon, and 1x Homebrew K'Daii Destroyers.  When it's done it will top 4000 pts.

Mostly like the one I sold.  Need 80x Gors to form the core.  3000 pts.

Thinking Nuln like this one  at about 3000 pts.
6x heroes on foot
1x War Altar
80x various infantry
3x Demigryph Knights
1x Luminark
1x Hurricanum
1x Steam Tank
4x various War Machine

Wood Elves
Tomb Kings

Yup that's my wish list.  Those are the armies I'd like to play.  Just seven I guess!



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