New Trade Needed

A BTP Youtube vid gets around 4000 hits, while a Blogpost only gets like 300.  All these years I thought it was much more than that, like maybe 1200.  But anyway, I do the blog as much as a journal as anything.  I like to imagine that the people that read the blog are the die hards.

I've been putting some serious hours into the Trade Stock program.  There were bins upon bins on the floor, in rows.  It seemed like it would never end.  Thanks to Mike D. we will be completely sewed up Friday.  It was bone-crushing exertion.  But by the end of tomorrow every last item will be neatly stored and numbered, about 300 new lots.  We've sold maybe forty now.  It runs the gamut from slag to highly converted and BTP-painted whole armies.

My immediate goal is to get it to 600 lots.  I would consider 1300 listings as sufficiently stocked.  So, naturally I'm eager to get new trade-ins whatever they may be.  We normally credit 20-40% of retail.  Higher end of that spectrum for things from the list below.  For well-painted it goes higher.  Anything is awesome.  But there are some armies in particular I'd love to see:

War Machine, Hordes, Infinity, Malifaux  We have hardly anything for those games.  I would just adore some huge lots there.
For 40K I'd love to see more Grey Knights, yeah I know they're hot right now. 
For Warhammer Fantasy: Beastmen, Ogres, Lizardmen, Tomb Kings and Empire.  In fact I really need Empire and fast.

That doesn't mean that we're not looking at everything.  We even absorb equipment, paints, terrain (pre-moulded plastics etc.), and miniatures from other lines.

The trade-off is right.  You get something huge when you use our program: choice.  You get to pick what you want us to order for you while I am swung in the opposite direction-- I don't get to pick.  I will absorb whatever you have.  I also absorb all the labor and all the risk.  I do all the footwork and also if your models don't sell, or take a very long time, then that's too bad for me.  You get immediate gratification. 

I think of myself as qualified to evaluate models so you can expect the right spot on the scale for what you have.  I would just love to start dealing in more well-painted models and also in more whole armies.  For notable lots I'd be willing to work with a commission structure.  That means you say "I need to get $400 out of this army" and BTP keeps the remainder when it sells.  Note that you still need to expect a lower number than if you went to the secondary market yourself.  I could also just buy your army for the set amount if I wanted to.  I do the footwork and pay you when it sells.  That is a workable solution for higher-ticket things.



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