Day of Rest

At this moment it's 3:30am. After getting home from the convention I was really quite short-circuited with stimulation. The kids all then wanted attention from Dad, which I am happy to give because of how much I love them, like them, and adore them, but that was yet more stimulation. I just really needed to get to sleep, so I completely conked out about the same time as the baby.

I certainly scratched my political itch. Not only that but at this moment I'd really just like to not talk about it for about two months.

So let's talk about something else! Let's talk about the future.

Those that have been following the Saga of Gately know the I underwent a transformation of sorts a few years ago. I had big ambitions to be the "Fedex of miniatures painting". But then I realized that what I really wanted was to live my life humbly and quietly. It was liberating. That's when I started putting up the Youtube videos about anything I pleased, blogging about anything I pleased. I call it "limited voraciousness".

That's not to say I don't have some goals. Getting out of debt is a big one. The business has a moderate amount that has been steadily declining. Remember the Clean Slate sale? That helped, but in the end my charge up the hill petered out about halfway. And personally we just have the student loans (ugh) to get rid of. Beyond that, my vision really focuses in on making my wife happy. She loves her some security. She really likes to cook, so a remodel of the kitchen would be keen. A while back we made a list of home remodel projects we'd like to do.

Our front yard is a travesty. It's overgrown like a prairie, with about as much biodiversity as the Amazon Basin. The dandelions are back with a vengeance. I hate those things, they kill the grass around them and only constant vigilance can keep them at bay. We have two broken down old tanks for lawn mowers that both need a visit to the scrap heap. So, there's another goal; get a good lawnmower and re-do the front yard. I think I'll putter around out there tomorrow morning.

I also have a dirty little fantasy about a metallic orange hatchback. Not likely to happen given my penchant for buying cars with cash only (ie $900 hunks of junk like I've driven for seven years). No complaints mind you. For the first couple of years that I had the business I didn't even have a car. Then I drove a tin can with no heater for two years and liked it (at least it was something at all) and now I feel pretty deluxe with heat, A/C AND a radio. Once the bills are paid up I'm going to save up for a few/six months and upgrade to something nicer.

Willow's hair is getting long. It's blond and curly in the back and her bangs are getting in her eyes. She's getting some good pre-speech going; "Dah!" for "Dog". She doesn't really need to talk all that much since she's surrounded by humans that take care of her without needing to fuss to much. She loves to sit with me by the computer and watch Youtube vids of cats and dogs. Her favorite one is "sleepy puppies". When I say that she will grab her bottle, a stuffed animal and head to out bedroom to sit on the bed by my laptop, snuggling in for the show. That girl sure loves her Dad. I even win out over Mom when I get home from work.

While I was at the convention yesterday, my wife went to a charity run for Breast Cancer. She came back from that energized and happy. Even happier than usual, and that's pretty happy. She is an angel walking this earth; a creature without guile, jealousy, or pettiness. She is full of forgiveness and understanding to her fellowman. She serves without hesitation and without counting the cost. The best thing that ever happened to me was meeting her.

Back to goals. Short term I really would like to take a week solo trip out to Oregon. Just me. Get some writing done.

Long term, like in ten years I see consolidation. I want to live humbly, securely and well. I'd like to see the house paid off. I want to tend to the security and strengthening of the business and an even better situation for the people I work with. K will be graduating in eight years, so about that time, those other expenses are coming due.

I'd like to see the boys serve missions.

I have no ambition to send my kids to college. I think it's a waste of time. That puts me at loggerheads with their mom quite often. I'd be glad to pay for trade school. You know, something useful. I think the days of the traditional four-year are numbered. I'd rather go door-to-door with a toilet brush than go to college again. But that's just me. If it weren't for the cost, though, I would definitely go back to college. I really was indeed enriched by the experience. I just wish I weren't paying off student loans for twenty years. Not a good ROI.

As for the business, I want to grow it up and not out, as I'm nagging almost constantly. By that I mean really laser focus on giving stellar service rather than trying to make more and more sales. Quality not quantity. I think it's high time for us to get into subsidiary areas like sculpting and casting and gaming aids. I'd like to get a C&C machine and start making stuff like Galeforce 9. And get a casting room set up; make a line of resin bases.

When hiring this last round I was amazed at the number of people out of work. It saddens me. I view the business as a way to benefit my fellowman. A job is one of the great things in this life; a profession, a career, a passion. I want to bring that to the people that work at BTP. I get more joy from giving away resources than obtaining them. And that's saying something, because I really like making money. When I provide a job for someone, it's like saving them from unemployment. I wish that the employment were better, that I were paying more.

I'm also worried about inflation. When a tidal wave comes the beach-goers are mystified when the water recedes way out. Right now we are in that silent rush economically. The tidal wave is still off shore. All that printing and borrowing has yet to work its way through the (fraudulent) fractional reserve banking system. I am trying to get my crew and my operation to higher ground.

All of this paid for with cash up front, of course. No loans.

I also really need to tighten up my game when it comes to media. I should be getting out a battle report every week without fail. And editing them better.

Thank you all for tuning in. The fans for the Youtube channel and also for the blog are a constant source of happiness and renewal for me. I have been pleasantly surprised over the years with the overwhelmingly positive response.

Yup, that's about it. See you all Monday.



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