Plastic Creatures

Willow loves pizza. She eats it by picking all the toppings off with her hands. She does pretty good with her six little chompers.

Friday evening I held a "compare notes" meeting for state delegates at the studio. I was expecting only like three or four people to show up, but ended up with about fifteen. We discussed the merits of various candidates for US Senate. I wish I could have recorded it. For those that may be interested I'll have vids up about my adventures as a delegate at

I hung out with the family this morning (Saturday). A fan sent in many hundreds of D&D minis and I sorted through those while sitting on the living room floor. I classed them into three bins: PCs, cool monsters and other monsters. Willow kept getting in the bins. The boys lined up the monsters and had mock fights with them. Afterward, I took them back to the studio where I ran a quick D&D session with just Brigh.

My car was having electrical/alternator problems a few weeks back, but apparently my wife's brother fiddling around in there has solved those. Still, I'm staying in town. I don't want to go very far in that unreliable hunkajunk.

I am getting an almighty hankering to play a game of 40K. I'd like to take some of my new Tyranid creatures for a spin (3x Pyrovores, 10x Gargoyles). However, I think it's high time to dust off the ole Eldar and give Josephus a run for his money.

I'm taking orders for May now. Always taking orders technically.

The predominant thought on my mind is the goodness and grace of God. I used to start my prayers with "I'm sorry" but now I've dropped that and start them with "I praise thee for thy goodness and grace and mercy upon me." If I get so much as one single blessing from God or if even one good thing happens to me in life I ascribe this to Providence. I believe that He wants to bless all his creations as much as they will bear. Even the bad things are a blessing.

I got home at 6pm or so to relieve my lovely wife. She took the older kids to a school play (Through the Woods) and I stayed home with the little ones. While working at my home office (a white resin table next to the bed) Willow was cavorting around in the blankets with a white stuffed dog and my cell phone.

Remember, I've got a new Youtube channel devoted to politics. So far it's pretty boring with just recordings of the various town halls I've gone to.



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