My Ad on Bartertown

Confrontation Metals, preferably the following:
Alchemists (plastics good, too)
Mid Nor
Thermo Dwarves

BUT DON'T GET ME WRONG! I am interested in other faction as well.

Especially looking for a 2005 Sasia Samaris (two model set)

I made this vid-

I'm starting with that to see if there are any bites.

If you are willing to ship first, and don't mind a bit of a wait, I can get almost any type of common item. I'm keen on trading retail straight across (ie if you have $100 worth of Confrontation figures I can get you $100 worth of almost anything). If you want a faster response or I take too long checking my Bartertown account you can contact me at

OR I can give you a service credit for assembly/painting again for the full retail value of the figures.



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