Thank you

Thank you to all the people who read this blog and also to those that respond. I get a lot of really positive emails that are of such great inspiration.

I'm very thankful for the life I have. I realize that it's a real blessing and I give the credit to God. I think I've gone over this before.

For those that may be interested, follows an account of the last few days, in brief. Yesterday morning I headed to the studio where a visitor from a local air force base hung out for a while. I was at the studio for about five hours and accomplished practically nothing. Tamie came by to pick me up, take me and the kids to the park where I played with them for about a half hour. It's quite an eye-splitting feat of ocular acrobatics to keep track of four kids at a park. There was a mild-mannered little curly-haired dog there and Willow squatted near and softly petted its head.

Then we headed to Costco as a family. It was an outing. The "C" in "Costco" stands for "Crap you don't need". Or more like "Crap I want but can't afford". I have to admit Costco does a good job of finding things I never imagined that I would want. Like a solar-powered attic fan. Racing in with G. on my shoulders (him grinning ear to ear) I lost my bluetooth, but evidently someone saw it drop and put it on the hood of my car.

I bought some cookies and brought them in to Elders Quorum today. A mix of oatmeal and white/brown chocolate.

Sunday afternoon I whiled away my time watching old episodes of Craig Ferguson. I got some Mike Lee signs up in the front yard.

As a final note, I am on a rampage to get rid of the dandelions from the front lawn again. I got some "weed and feed" that supposedly kills weeds but leaves the regular grass alive, so I put some on the areas where I pulled up the dandelions. Well, it turns out that my entire lawn has converted into weeds so the "weed and feed" just killed the whole patch of crab-grass, clover and other cralgg I had growing out there.

I feel like I completely wasted two days. Except putting up the Mike Lee signs.



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