Desperation Thursday

Welcome to Desperation Thursday.

If you can Paypal me money today or tomorrow, make me an offer on something you've been wanting. This can be an army or anything you've seen in various vids, or that you know I have. Or even a special project you've been thinking about.

Don't worry about insulting me. That won't happen. I will take you up on your offer OR you won't hear back (no hard feelings). Send email to

Best to hit me with your best offer-- someone might give me a better one. I might not get back to you until Friday.

Every time I have a sale, or "liquidate assets", I get some emails asking if I'm going out of business or if everything is all right. I really appreciate the concern. Just for the record BTP is doing quite well. We are solvent and able to handily pay the bills. However, like every business I do get an occasional cash flow pinch. And for these occasions I have a stock of painted figures to liquidate. It's kind of like our savings.



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