Regarding political posts: I invite anyone with a measured response to email me with it. I'm just a man who is digging around. I'm asking questions. Do I have my facts wrong? Are my conclusions wrong? Are there holes in my reasoning? Am I missing something?

I would be happy to hear the other side. I'd love to hear a case for the banks and for deficit spending. My main focus as you may have noticed is monetary policy. I still shy away from social issues. It's because I believe that the de-centralization of power (I'm for it) and economic freedom (I'm for it) will mostly take care of those issues.

One size does not fit all. I don't care if you're a purple-haired freak, if a Federal tank is about to run you over you could expect me to run into the street to stand by you. I don't like to see the little guy get smashed in the head.

I don't have comments enabled on my blog because strange people were using it to threaten me anonymously.

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