The gauntlet has been thrown down. Josh wants a piece of me with his Ard Boyz Eldar list. I'm rising to the challenge with my Mesa Nids. 2500 pts. It's on.

Don't know if you know it, but there is something new up on our website gallery about ten times a week.

I am still on the hunt for some Confrontation figures. I'm on the lookout for Mid Nor, Alchemists, and Daikinee mostly. Then other evil races. Then good races on the bottom of the list. I plan on using them for the D&D game.

I'm quite slavering in anticipation of 8th Edition Warhammer.

Also, I got in the Menoth and Khador army books. Privateer Press does such a fabulous job on their books. They really are works of art.

I'm going to be running a couple of expeditionary specials soon. Tentative titles: To the UK with LOVE, and Working Joe. Likely to start in early June.



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