Testimonial- Battleworn Tau

Hi Shawn and the rest of the gang

Two days ago my the first 20 firewarriors and one devilfish arrived from my dad. You remember?-this order is a gift from my father to me - a bit a complicated, but a lot of fun - for me.

And I have to make a statement:

This is absolutely the best painted and assembled Tau Army from you I have ever seen!!!!
And believe me I have looked every Tau gallery and youtube vid you made with Tau.

I am really really pleased. Who is the painter? Joseph?? Who ever, give him or her a tight hug!!
Also the assembly of the battlesuits is awesome, they are so dynamic. I like the style of the whole projekt.

You hit really what I had in mind when I gave the order.
So, I love the army and I am very satisfied with the job you all have done.

I'm painting minis for myself at least for 20 years now and so I think I'm able to judge the work you have done.
And so I can say, it's worth every single dollar.

So I am pretty sure that I need reeinforcement for my Taus in the future!!!!

Best regards and greetings to all of you,



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