Christmas day was the usual thing. We kept it relatively simple, mostly useful gifts like clothes with just two things per child that they wanted. Fortunately, our kids are still young enough (2,5,9,11) to still be impressed by simple things. I think I spent at least twelve hours just laying around. I didn't realize how exhausted I am from working so much. My body just soaked up the relaxation. I actually slept probably five hours on and off during the day.

The angel at the top of the tree was lop-sided. I though I heard her say "how do I get out of this chicken-**** outfit?"

My wife made a potato, cheese and sausage casserole in the morning. We picked on that all day long. About a third of it had just the sausage eaten off the top by one of the kids. I ate horribly-- orange sticks, chocolate, pistachios, eggos, cheeseball, toblerone, and egg nog. Blergh.

I watched about twenty episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist. My wife and I also watched two romantic comedies. It was my idea, not my usual thing. About a Boy and Outsourced. I also took in a documentary about genetically modified food. I don't think I'm going to eat anything from Monsanto again. Or McDonalds. No more fast food for me. It's horrid.

Sunday was more of the same except a better diet. And Church which was awesome. The Elder's Quorum lesson was about "What's Important"; balancing God, family, professional and personal life. It made me wonder if I wasn't biting off more than I could chew by starting a second company (to run the Valhalla project). That lasted about one minute. It's television that's going to take the hit.

I talked with Tamie about my goal of getting home at 6pm tops every night. We also need to eat together as a family most nights. We also made a list of healthy foods that I like and will eat to be fresh and accessible.

Easy foods

Vegetable soup
Yellow peppers
Cucumbers (prepared in something)
Sandwich fixins
Mediterranean stuff
Potatoes (red), healthy potato salad
Artichoke hearts
Corn on the cob
Edamame yumay
Shepherd's Pie
Sprouts for sandwiches

Fruit Salad?



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