Orange vs White

Tron Legacy left me with an almighty hankering for a creamsicle.

I went to see it with my two boys ages five and nine. They are good kids. They loved it. I found nothing objectionable in the movie for those ages. I loved it. My opinion isn't worth much as I am ever so easy to please.

The music was thumping techno mixed with a swelling musical score. The movie really does transport you to another world, so visually different that is a complete stimulation. It made me feel like a little child again, in a land of wonder. I was about eleven when the first Tron came out and I could barely stop thinking about it.

The trick is to not overthink it. The plot is pretty simple, but the enjoyment of the movie comes from the feeling and tone and visuals.

One bad thing about it, for me, is that I have a complete crush on Quorra now.



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