Massed Orks

As I mentioned before, we are doing a massed Ork army for the two events in early 2011.

So, I'm doing a special on Ork boyz. $4 per model, painted Artistic License. That's for the painting. Minimum run of 100 models. This is for basic ork boyz only (unit upgrades OK). Painting Level is L3. The sample pics here are what they will look like roughly.

We can provide the models at $2 per Ork boy, and $3 for assembly. Or you can send your own. Remember to clean mould lines and texture them (or we can do it at $1 per model).

You can have us do your other models as well, like Lootaz, Nobz and what-not. Specialty models count as 1.5 boyz. Here are pics of the prototype. There are options:

  • we can do a different base style (one of our basic bases).
  • we can drop the war paint.
  • we can do a different color war paint.
Contact Shawn at if interested.



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