It's Christmas Eve and everything is slow. I stayed at home today, only visiting the studio briefly to get my new monitor and take it home. That monitor was a gift from Skymarshall Anonymo.

I'm watching Full Metal Alchemist all the way through again. I watched it in 2005 or so and so I forgot most of the episodes. Now my kids are old enough to appreciate it, though I have to "parentally guide" them. A good part of the day I was lazing about and

My wife and I went out to run some local errands and had a lovely time. We very much enjoy each other's company. We picked up candy for stockings and a few needed items of clothing. Sounds simple, but it was really wonderful. Just to be with my wife, hold the door open for her, and talk with her while taking the road home.

I had a dream last night that I was reading a book of poems. I remember one line, in reference to autumn leaves:
Here they come, scorched and tumbling

My overwhelming sense right now is one of gratitude. I view my life in Utah as a type of afterlife, a paradise. It's so beautiful and all is going so well. How fortunate I am to have a good marriage, that's really the beating heart of happiness. And four beautiful healthy children.

I would like to thank you, oh reader, for taking time to make our life part of yours. I am ever so grateful and surprised that Blue Table has been so successful. You don't know how far the ripples go. I provide many jobs and many people can hold their heads high up as free men (and women) who provide a durable good. I don't talk about it much, but a lot of the money ends up in charitable work. So thank you so much for patronizing our business. You are the life blood.

I have a Ron Paul 2008 sign in my front yard. Here Ron Paul talks a lick of sense.

Through fractional reserve banking (ie counterfeiting 90% of the money loaned out) the banks have effectively defrauded me out of two years of my working life. Am I angry? No. The Good Lord has taken care of me and reimbursed me manifold and blessed me abundantly. For every dollar I am robbed, I get two as a "child of heaven". Every dollar I give away I think there is a return of five to one. I have great concern for my brothers in the banking system. I want to stop this system so they are not bitten in this life and the next for their fraud.

Today I watched a small documentary on the Congo. An exporter, when confronted with the inhuman conditions of the miners, defended himself by saying that what he was doing was legal. Just because it's legal doesn't mean it's right.

Maybe there are some things that are illegal that are right.

Remember, canned goods are the poor man's gold. Or any hard consumable good, even tooth paste or chocolate bars. You can even liquidate their value on your own in hard times. Toilet paper even holds value against inflation. Look for sales every time you go to the store.

I also advise leaving off bad habits like cigarettes or cola.



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