Too Much Toast

Part of BTP is that I try and answer every call and email personally. There is a limit to this and to how much I will let the business grow. I think this is something really unusual for any business.

Please be kind and patient with me. If I delay in responding, or if my responses are short, it is nothing personal. Sometimes I have a pretty high volume of email.

If you are a client (ie you are paying for a project) I encourage you to make your needs known. You need to be explicit like "Shawn, I was hoping for more detail on such-and-such item" or put URGENT in the subject line. Or contact me via Gmail chat if you can.

If you are not a client it helps to keep emails short or use bulleted points. If an email is massive blocks of text without paragraphs or good punctuation it's really hard for me to digest.

Don't get me wrong, I really want to keep that personal touch, it's super-important to me and I work very, very hard to keep it current.



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