Valhalla Update December 15th

We are working on the scenarios for the "tournament". There are multiple layers of thinking here. The whole thing should be worked out a week from now.

We want to create an event for you to be in, a spectacle or an experience. Not only will you be in a different world physically (ie up in the mountains of Utah) but you will also be on a distant planet commanding your army.

We are going to create a world in the form of terrain boards that represent key warzones and environments on Kastorel Novem (inspired by the Forge World book). It's not just a series of three or four games against random opponents and armies, it's part of a story. Each person will get a personal score, but will also be part of a team that works as part of the storyline: Raiders, Barbarians, Imperials, etc... We're thinking four factions at this time.

We're abandoning the idea of the "rental army" at this time. We're going to make a huge Ork army (4500-6000 pts), a huge Ravenguard army (at least one whole company) and an Imperial Guard army (anyone have some Elysian troops?). These are the principal actors in the Kastorel Novem storyline.

You are welcome to bring your own force OR to draw from the studio armies*. So, basically, you don't need your own army to participate. Again, you can bring your own army if you want. You'll pre-send your list, and you can also send your story (ie why your army is on the planet) and your commander's name. We will weave that into the scenarios.

You also might play against staff, other players, or as part of pre-set sub-scenarios. You also might have specialized missions, objectives and scenarios just for your army.

So it will be like a part-custom-part-RPG type of event. The schedule is likely to be two or three games on Friday and a grand finale game on Saturday.

More information to come!

*So, not only the Kastorel Novem armies we're making but also Dark Eldar, Eldar (?), or other forces we have on hand.



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