Rincewind Lives!

I took a rare day off yesterday, Thursday. I went to the Discovery Museum with my lovely family where we spent most of the day. It's more of an amusement park type thing for kids, not so much a museum. It's a really great place to go. It was quite crowded, though.

Willow glommed on to this blue toy spoon and tried to take it from other kids. It's all she could think about.

We went to lunch at Thai Phoon, my fave restaurant up there. We had popcorn shrimp, Pad Thai and some two sorts of unusual soups. About this time I got an ice-pick headache which intensified as we went to the bookstore. I picked up Colour of Magic, the first of the Discworld books, still stocked two deep twenty-seven years after being written. That's outstanding longevity.

By the time the sun set and we arrived at Tamie's sister's house I was fit to be laid to rest, and the two women did just that, settling me into a guest bed with some water, bread and painkillers. I fell into a black sleep with the murmur of all the kids playing downstairs.

Late that night we tunneled through the icy darkness towards home, my wife muttering and cursing as she strained over the wheel, staring at the road between a pair of black gloves. What a delight to be back in my warm Rabbit Burrow, watching Colour of Magic on Netflix for the fifth time.

I slept in late, to 9:15am. I've been nagging Shannon and Sarah to get in by 9:30am so it doesn't look good when I'm not there. Nonetheless, I indulged in a breakfast of oatmeal and a pear before heading out. The day flew by. I actually took quite a bit of video, but I'm not ready to put that up, so apologies to the Youtube channel fans. I'm trying to set up a batrep for tomorrow but everyone is otherwise occupied. I find the holidays to be a giant pain getting things done.

I had a dream last night where the name of a person, first middle and last, was clearly spelled out on a piece of paper. Apparently no one with this exact name exists, but it turns out that it is an anagram for something quite meaningful. I was puzzling this over at about 4am this morning. That's all I can say at this time.

Things are mostly caught up at the studio, but still a bit behind on painting. That said, next week we should rocket out of the gate. We spent a goodly part of the day working out the details of the first Valhalla Event on January 27. Final details are coming in the next few days. Notably, we are allowing half down and half in February (yes, even after you have actually come out!). This should give some budgetary wiggle room for those that want to come out but are spent from the Holidays. The first table should be done by this coming week, we have a LOT of work to do. 6000 points of Orks are out of assembly and ready to paint right now. 3000 points of Blood Ravens are being assembled right now, they're about a third done.

For those waiting for some work on the give-away, we went over all the finalists today and decided. We're actually giving out two or three armies!

In other notable news, I picked up a flat screen monitor off Craigslist super cheap and now my operation at home is pretty sweet.

I think that's it. I hope everyone is having a good holiday. I am ever so grateful for all the support and good vibes I get from the blog and youtube channel. It's a source of perpetual pleasant surprise. And so I thank YOU ever so much.

PS- I know it's been pretty light on the gaming stuff, that will change after the new year.



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