White Umbrella

I had a dream last night.

I was up at the Mountain Fortress and I spoke out loud about the enormous sum I needed to raise in such a short period of time. I saw on the ground in front of me a white umbrella. It was made out of those mini-umbrella-looking seed pods, like from a dandelion spore, except each one was about an inch in diameter.

As I went to pick it up, a body-shocking gust of wind kicked up from behind me and carried the white umbrella violently into the field in front of me. I turned to face the wind. It was so strong I had to squint my eyes. As I opened my arms outstretched the wind carried me bodily into the air like a kite.


I'm not making any sort of claims to divine guidance or fate or whatever, mind you. This is more like "look at this funny growth on my brain". I just realized later this afternoon that the interpretation wouldn't just be obvious to the casual reader.


The field represents un-tapped possibilities. The white umbrella is a pure idea, something that has the power to be borne aloft. It is a mature idea that is ready to go to the next level (like the spore-head is the final stage of the dandelion). The smaller dandelion spores that make up the umbrella represent many individuals, each with limitless potential.

The wind represents a divine or supernatural force coming from an unexpected quarter. But it is unstoppable once unleashed. Opening my arms means to openly accept the goodness and grace of God without reservations. And to be lifted into the air represents doing something that would otherwise be impossible.



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