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[Read the whole thing! If you have any questions or wish to purchase a ticket contact Shawn at or phone 801 372 8545]

In February and March of 2011, Blue Table Painting is hosting two events. The setting is a 196 acre estate twenty minutes up the canyon from Spanish Fork Utah.

You can arrive as early as Thursday 11am on February 24, and ends on Saturday February 26 at 9pm. Optional Saturday night stay (contact us for details).

The second event has the same schedule, March 24 to 26.

A ticket includes lodging, food and admission into all gaming events. Tickets are first-come-first-served. Payment options:

  • Paid in full up front (check, MO, cash, or major Credit Card)
  • Paid half down and half on arrival.
  • Paid half down and remainder in February (spread out as you please).
You will be like our honored houseguest.

Tickets do not include airfare. Some transportation is provided gratis; we're making a few pickups at the airport and will be running shuttles from the studio in Spanish Fork to the ranch. Possibly also some trips into town if you want that.

There are five rooms. A ticket gets you the room for the three days (two nights). There are only five tickets for rooms, and ten "event pass" tickets for a total of 16-24 guests. As you can see this is a very limited number. All rooms have a plasma TV with sattelite channels.

Room A: Chief Librarian's Chamber
This is the master bedroom of the house. It is on the main level, adjacent to the library. It has a second door that opens onto a balcony that overlooks the stone patio. It has a private bath with a jetted tub and walk-in closet. This room is double-occupancy and includes a pass for up to two people (ie food and gaming events). This ticket is $1200.
[this room already booked for February event]
[this room already booked for March event]

Room B: Inquisitor's Sanctum
This is a ground level room with a private bath. It has a outer door that leads to the Great Stone Patio. This room is double-occupancy and includes a pass for up to two people (ie food and gaming events). This ticket is $1200.

Room C: Captain's Quarters
This is a ground level room with a private bath. It has a outer door that leads to the stone patio. This room is single-occupancy only. The bathroom is adjacent but not interiorly connected. This ticket is $800.
[this room already booked for February event]

Room D: The Barracks
This is a second-story room with views overlooking the valley three directions. It is quadruple occupancy, with four single beds. So, if you want this one you get to bring up to three friends. And even more! You can have up to six people, with each additional person being +$300. This room has a private bath, plenty of closet space, and the biggest TV in the house. This ticket is $1600.

Side note: I think this is the least expensive option for a group. If you do the math it ends up being $400 per person. Plus this room is a lot of fun.

Room E: The Chapter Master's Suite
This is easily the best room in the house, basically a miniature house to itself. A miniature kitchen, washer-dryer, personal balcony, walk-in closet huge bed, plasma TV (like other rooms), and the most spectacular view in the entire house. You will be set like a king. This room is double-occupancy and includes a pass for up to two people (ie food and gaming events). You can upgrade occupancy to three people for +$300. This ticket is $1600.
[this room already booked for February event]

Common Areas
There will be plenty of wargaming tables all set with lavish terrain. There is also a game room with a billiards table. There will be one or two fridges stocked with goodies to be had at any time you like. Want to come out at 3am and make a plate stacked with delectables? Go on ahead! (just be sure to have your robe on!). A library stocked with army books.

Event Passes
You can purchase an event pass which covers you for the three days to completely participate in gaming events and eat what you want. You just have to find a place to stay down in the valley and drive up each day. Later, we will have suggestions for places to stay posted. Cost for a three-day Event Pass is $350.

Kevin, a veteran of the restaurant and catering industry, is coordinating the (enormous amount of) delicious meals and snacks that will be provided throughout the event- all inclusive.

PDF Menu

Meals will be served, buffet style: Breakfast 7am - 9am, Lunch 11:30am - 1pm, Dinner 5:30pm - 7pm Snacks and Beverages will be provided throughout the event- and all hours, self-service.
It is our objective to provide the very best food we can. Sample menus will be available, and are subject to change without notice. If you have any special food requirements or allergies, please let us know. We'd like to be accommodating.

Gaming Events
All events will be announced solid by January 10, 2010.

There will be a tournament for 40K as well as themed events. We are emphasizing friendly play. The boards will be world-class and with plenty of space to move around. The tournament is not mandatory! You may want to just play pickup games.

Painted armies only. Games at 2000 pts.

We will have other games available like Space Hulk or Necromunda. All painted up of course. While initial events are geared to 40K, there is no reason not to play some Fantasy as well. We will have studio armies available for use (no charge of course) for casual play. The plan is to have all sorts of games up there. A lot.

We are interested in doing something different than a typical tournament where a small handful of people come out on top. We would prefer to do a spectacle with an element of storytelling. The various table represent key battlefields on a particular planet.

Prize Support
For every participant there will be a minimum of $100 retail of prize support. Plan = spread it around more than a normal tournament.

Your Hosts
The event will be hosted by Sarah and Shawn with other BTP staff coming in and out for games or to help out. Would you like to be a guest on the Morning Show?

Prepared Armies
You can bring your own army to the event. Also, if you want you can have your army done by BTP in advance and ready for you to use at the tournament. As a third option you can rent an army. We will make any army list you want for $300, just to use. If you decide to buy the army you get $350 towards it.

You can bring your own army if you want. That will be the normal thing.
If these first two events are successful we plan on having others throughout the year.
We will have events for a variety of different game systems, notably Warhammer Fantasy.

We are working on internet service. But there might not be any by January. There is also no cell phone service! You will be incommunicado possibly. Well, there is a land line you can use to let people know you have arrived safely. At first, I didn't like this, but there is something to be said for peace and quiet.

Terms of Service
  • We reserve the right to refuse service.
  • Utah taxes may apply.
  • The ticket is purchased from HollingsGate LC., the corporation under which we are running the events.
  • You will agree to a code of conduct, which is basically "be extra courteous to others". With so few people everyone needs to be on best behavior. You are an honored houseguest and so guest-like behavior is the order of the day.
  • For the first two events we are 18 yrs+.
  • We do not serve alcohol. This is a non-smoking facility. Areas are available for smoking outside.
  • You will not be sold to or solicited while at the event. The terrain will be for sale, inconspicuously, and you are welcome to "talk shop" with Shawn, but you won't be approached by vendors.
  • Food will be provided buffet style for all meals. Snacks and beverages are included in the ticket cost and available self-service throughout the event.
  • If on account of some act of nature or unforeseen cataclysm we can't use the main facility we should have a backup location of comparable nature OR you may be refunded the cost of the ticket.



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