Ive spotted while browsing online this UK Company that specializes in bases.

Thought you might like some of them to help out a bit as they have a large variety and you can get some ideas from them.

Spotted these as well.
Is a high quality Space Marine Commander that you guys can use for orders that are high quality ect.
Can work for Space Marine Banners that are quite high quality.
Which you can use for a Skitarii army or techpriests taken over imperial guard.

The model sizes should all be WH40k size and they have had good reviews/
Yay ork with captain hats? :D
You can use these for Dark Angels Shields for Storm Shields for Deathwing armies. I havn't been able to find any other type of shield around that matches Dark Angels.

Ill be commissioning a Dark Angel Army soon so watch out for it!
And some universal shields. These ones say 28mm so should work for Terminators ect. But im not sure if the Angel Shields are the same size...

Just thought i'd point some of these out to you Shawn!

Have a great day!



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