Side Notes

1) Blue Table is open for business Friday and Saturday. I am on TOP now which means that I am answering emails as they come in. We are ready whenever you are.

2) If you currently have a project, there may be some delays in assembly. I have already moved to solve this and we will be back on track in exactly eight days. I have extra hands on deck and all hands are being whipped extra hard. Sooo, if you have a deadline or you are getting antsy, please oh please let me know ahead of time.

3) The Creeping Death army will be up for sale as of Monday. $950 sight unseen if you pay me over the weekend. Otherwise probably right around $1250 with documentation (probably done on Tuesday).

4) I will have a total of three Dark Eldar armies coming on the block on Monday: Creeping Death, the Red ones and a third here



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