Ravens of the Void

I got to play a game today (no batrep sorry, just a summary) in which I fielded two Voidravens.

They are stupendous. With Flickerfield (5+ invulnerable) they have the survivability at least of an AV 12 vehicle (like a wave serpent). Night Shield is also a nasty trick which makes a shot or two fail.

But where the Voidraven is a terror (nevermind the two void lances, effectively two lascannons) are the four missile slots. I took Shatterfield missiles (48" S7 AP- assault large blast one shot) which re-roll to-wound rolls. A full salvo can kill off the better portion of a Seer council from just the number of hits. Against a horde I can only imagine.

All missiles are 48", Assault 1, one-shot and cost 10 pts (except implosion which are 40 pts each).

Monoscythe S6 AP5 large blast
Necrotoxin 2+ AP5 poison, pinning
Implosion AP 2 Pass Wounds test or instant death

The selling point here is that you can pack four missiles on, eight between two of them. Concentrated fire can see one unit of your choice simply vaporized. A salvo of implosion missiles will put the cramp on a lot of the uber-units floating around out there.



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