Complete Works of Francis Bacon

With a name like Bacon it's got to be good!

I've been doing a lot on Facebook these days.
Be my friend!

I think it's kind of lame that I'm losing on SEO to these asian companies.

Today was pretty shabby; one complaint, one stress and one crisis after another. A few rays of sunshine: a really good client dropped by and I also got to just sit and chat with Sarah for like an hour near the end of the workday, feet kicked up. We've been so busy with various projects that it's been rush-rush from one thing to the next.

At the studio I am caught up, at least mostly. We have everything cranked up white hot. I still have a mountain of Dark Eldar stuff that we didn't end up needing for Valhalla. Still a few slots open for that if you can make it up next Thursday.

So, sorry for the lack of content, we are looking good for Wednesday, though.



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