Adepticon Day Zero

My day started super-early at 5am. My wife and I got up and headed to the airport, picking up Sarah on the way. Once there, we checked in, had breakfast (oh and I had my fourth amendment rights violated-- being searched without probable cause issued by a judge on warrant specifically describing the items being searched for).

Our plane was about an hour late. We had some breakfast. I went to the bookstand and picked up a copy of the Economist. Since when did I become interested in that? I'm an old guy now apparently. I was in the crapper for round two when Tamie texted me saying we were boarding now, so that was a fun little vignette as I rushed out to make the plane.

We were seated in the very very back with babies in front and back of us. Oddly, that did not bother me hardly at all. After having four kids of my own I am more sympathetic. It was stifling hot on the descent, but who can complain about a 2.5 hour flight rather than a 22 hour drive.

The big changes to the vendor line-up are the addition of Coolminiornot and Forge World. I don't like Forge World to be here-- they suck up all the money, give no discount, and generally are not helpful. It doesn't affect us since we don't make money here, but I know it hurts other vendors. Coolmini's display is mind-numbingly cool with L8-9 work under the lights and amazing figures from all around the world in stock. It's drool city over there.

Sarah visited our room to watch Voyage of the Dawn Treader, but Tamie and I fell asleep so she headed out to her own room. We're going to try and finish that one today. I read and re-read the Chronicles of Narnia as a child and there's something really magic about seeing it on screen with such lavish effects.

As an added bonus, here Ron Paul makes some headway



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