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The soundtrack for this blog post is "Silent Lucidity".

Sometimes I stop and look around. I don't think I'm really here. I'm asleep on Kolob. All time is crushed down to a single point. I never left home.

When reading this, remember that these are only musings. I make no pretense at virtue or intelligence. I am only opening the window.

Now that I think I'm going to live for a notable time more on this Earth I've been thinking of goals.

Family seems to perfect right now. With a goodly wife en-crowned at home and running the operation it all seems so easy. But I would like to see my children prepared to lead their own lives. I have no hopes that they will do any particular thing, though if one of them took over the company business that would be particularly satisfying. I want to be able to support them in training for a trade. No way I'm sending them to traditional four-year college [spits]. I suppose if they became entrepreneurs that would be swell. But again, raising them and getting them set for life is a gift from their parents, they can do whatever they want.

I must admit that professional goals are the foremost in my mind. Here are a few:

  • Blue Table Painting is going to be run by me for 15-25 years more. It will grow into other operations and types of things, as you've seen the last few months.
  • Originally, my goal was just to pay off my house and live simply until the day I die. That is still the general idea, but heading up the canyon into territory unknown, and thence to Valhalla has opened my mind to the possibilities. People with resources can more positively affect the human landscape.
  • Own the land underneath BTP's private compound.
  • Own and administrate Valhalla. Do absolutely insane stuff with miniatures and terrain, things that haven't been conceived of yet.
  • Be a pillar of the community. Give generously. Train and mentor other small business-people. Start two charities. One will help people get out of debt and understand how to manage money common-man-common-sense style.
  • Start our own miniatures battles game. This is the ultimate. I think I need 10-20 million to make a real run using plastics. Even one million would be a good start. Now where can I get that kind of money above-board and in-the-clear? (remember I started with zero and in my garage).
  • I will never be in debt again as long as I live.
  • I will be involved in politics, not as a candidate but as a pundit. I will have influence but not a vote. I will work for the de-centralization of power. I will have an internet radio show on the side. So, more of an activist for individual human rights. I will not be a shill.
  • In my lifetime I'd like to see the demise of the banks. I'd like them (the current form) to be ridden out of town on a rail. Out of Spanish Fork. Out of the State.
  • 90% reduction for a bloated Federal Government. Pruned to appropriate size. Functions returned to states, counties, cities, townships and individuals.
  • Communication among humans will become more and more open and hive-like. This will promote uniqueness, but will also make it nearly impossible to keep secrets. The entire earth will be re-drawn.
  • Social programs in the US will be re-routed out of Washington and back into local organizations.
  • Flash mobs of 10,000 or more will not be uncommon. It will be the age of the individual.
  • Power will be de-centralized down to the individual and like-minded individuals.
  • Organizations will become as powerful as countries. Companies like eBay will have enormous power and income, but there will be a lot of such organizations, and they will be checked by their own members.
  • The Earth will successively become more like heaven as the decades progress. I am extremely optimistic about the future.
  • Panspermia will overtake evolution as the humanist world view on the origin of life on Earth.

Farther out
This millennium will be about the human soul. The human soul has the computing power of 45,000 high-powered computers. Trillions of terabytes of processing power, probably more. It's enough to create a complete unique planet with every form of life and every possibility for ten billion years.
  • It will be about perception. A million people thinking about the same thing with their whole being at the exact same moment can actually bend reality. Nevermind actually doing something about it.
  • We will find out that the universe is full. It's more like an ocean than a void. This layer of reality is less than 1% of the net "things going on".
Lastly, I would like to give the glory to God. I do not think I am deserving of the good things that are (apparently) happening to me. I hope for mercy for myself and hope that others will receive it.



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