Silently Crawling

My voice completely went out a Valhalla last night. I think it will be good for me to listen for once.

I got the two-part batrep up last night. At the very end I express some of my thoughts on the Creeping Death list. I have to say in all I'm pleased. It doesn't take much finesse to play it, though against a skilled opponent, or someone who is prepared it might take some more thought. I mean other than rush forward like a giant meat-amoeba and consume all in your path.

I think it would be better to split the beastmaster unit into two smaller ones as the one large one was quite unwieldy. I am going to try that today. Also, didn't use the liquifier guns that much. Might be better on the Wracks to just drop them as the Wracks are a throwaway unit, or a screening unit typically.

Also, I found out Beastmaster units can't get pain tokens.

Did you know that Wracks have a Space Marine profile, except they are S3. But with Feel No Pain they have arguably the equivalent or close of power armor. They're tough to kill.

The Haemonculi are the wild card of the army, able to be equipped with all sorts of nasty wargear. I had a good time with Dark Gate, blowing up a Predator by surprise. But you won't always be able to get within 12".

This list does lack quite a bit in the anti-tank department and I am looking at cutting the Cronoses. I want to make some freakish meat and bone conversion for Voidravens, which I love. Or maybe using the Cronos models as Talos.

It's 1500 points for the round today.



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