Three Days in the Rehabilitation Cube

So, what's going on in this little ant brain of mine?

First off, I've been watching Hyperdrive on Netflix. It's a british space comedy from 2007. Unbelievable that there's only two seasons. It's absolutely brilliant.

BTP is expanding. When a business expands you can either cash out or plow it under. I've been plowing it under which means long hours to get the new system all up and running. There's a time investment to getting the human part set up (ie training people). Plus we're moving to a new studio which in this case involves some money and time to get it prepared. The good news is that it's laying the foundation solidly for many years to come. The new studio is four times the square footage of the current one. As usual, always some risk involved. If we pull it off in the next six weeks it will mean a forward leap of about four years.

As usual my top business priority is tending to clients; setting up new projects and tending to current ones.

I'm back to working late. It's rough on the family and requires a lot of effort to keep both worlds humming. I'm getting home around 8pm. I'm absolutely wiped out by that time. I grab some dinner, head to the bedroom, put on Blues Clues and fall asleep with my sweet Willow in the crook of my arm. It's sort of our ritual.

I had a talk with Tamie on Saturday where I'll be going home at the normal time two pre-set days of the week.

So, that's why no Batreps. Just bear with me. We'll be back to equilibrium in May. I want to play a game of 40K so bad. And War Machine. Speaking of Warhammer Fantasy, the next studio army is likely to be jungle-themed Orcs what with the new plastics for Savage Orks. I've also thought of buying six of those spider kits to glob off the forest goblins and put them on foot for the goblin mobs. The army is likely to look something like this:

4x various heroes/shamans
60x Savage Orcs
60x Forest Goblins (with spider fillers!)
40x Spider Riders
20x Savage Orc Boar Boyz
2x Arachnarok Spiders

I think I just made that like 2500 pts. Good grief.

In other news, I am missing all 120x glade guard archers from the Rainforest Elves army. They are apparently just not in the studio anymore. I am sure they will turn up.

Quick prediction: by dominating the market GW is making itself a generic system and in the coming years, side companies will get stronger making non-system-specific models. There will be no way to clamp down on this through copyright law as people will just be using them in the privacy of their own homes. GW will try and regain control of formal play in order to get the "GW-models-only" mindset going again, but it will be too late. They will still do quite well for themselves, though. As these side companies grow, now producing comparable plastics (because let's be honest right now they are pretty sloppy), GW will crush them by lowering prices substantially for a short period of time to drive them out of business. However, none of this will matter as a second company will emerge (maybe more!) and capture the imagination of the fans. This will be possible because a foundation has already been laid-- a network of blogs, groups and tournament scenes. It's going to be a wild ride. I give it five years. Just a prediction-- just throwing it out there.

I've also been puttering around on Sundays making a card-based fast-playing fantasy RPG system. This will solve the problem with running an RPG at all: the time involved. With fourth edition D&D, which is a pretty fast system, it still takes like an hour to run a combat. I'm trying to get that down to like ten minutes, something we can play on a lunch break. I need to scratch that itch something fierce.

More to come.



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