Bok Choy

Sometimes I'm just so tired. I don't want to get on here and just gripe about stuff. Right now I have a stress headache.

I need to keep up on the blog better. I wonder how many people even read this anymore.

My favorite new veggie is Bok Choy. It's chock full of vitamins. So, I dump three ramen noodle packages in a pan (with a lid!). I shave in some carrot, dice up some peppers for color (red and yellow baby peppers), and then a whole fistful of Bok Choy. It's fantastic. Then drain some water, put in the spices and eat. Serves four?

My wife is out of town for four days, in Oregon helping clean up after a death in the family, and of course I'm being a grump about it. She should be here taking care of our home!

It's also pathetic, I realized, when I get on facebook and the big news in my life is what I'm watching on Netflix. Speaking of which, the amazing thing in my life is that Malcolm in the Middle just rotated on. Yay!

I watched a whole season of Storage Wars which was quite inspirational. I realized that I'm an expert in valuating miniatures. I think I'm going to videotape a few trade-ins for the interesting-ness value. Solomon asked for wisdom, not riches. Being able to see the value of people and things. Understanding.

So, I've been with the three older kids for a few days. Word cannot express how much I love my kids. I like being around them. I am proud of them. We get along. They listen to what I say and for the part they do what I ask. We got a LOT of housecleaning done in the last 24 hours. It's a lot of fun, really. I set a goal to get every piece of dirty clothing, and every bedsheet through the washing machine before Tamie comes back. I'm in the home stretch with that.

Today was fast and testimony meeting at church and I got up and fairly well preached a sermon on Grace off the top of my head. And the goodness of God (that guy I met). If I didn't get it out, I think I would have burst.

Kids aren't robots. They won't obey with precision and they need some space to make mistakes without harsh punishment. On the other hand you've got to feel the place where that line needs to be drawn. No magic answer. Welcome to parent-hood.

Fungus Nids are looking good. Over the weekend I added:
6x Zoanthropes
3x Pyrovores
6x Hive Guard

And those had some re-posing done.

Oh, yes, I'm going to let this completely get out of control to ridiculous levels. Coming this week:

30x Hormagaunts
8x Genestealers with Brood Lord from Space Hulk

Need some Heavy Support. At least one Trygon Prime why not.

And the Ogres are coming. I got it all in. Need a couple of Steam Tanks for the studio Empire army.



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