Shawn's Day Off

I may as well tell you about my day. I was torn. I really needed to be in the studio today, ripping it up as usual, but my wife prevailed on me (rightly) to head out with the family.

But not at first. I was up at dawn this morning, working on my inbox then heading to the studio around 9am. I picked up some eggs and potatoes at a local restaurant. Shortly thereafter Jordan showed up to paint up some Fungus Nids. I sold the first run, and now the second run is coming.

I spent some time with the Grey Knights list. I'm looking at the Inquisitor end of the list. What could they be? A long-lost company of guardsmen? A band of Kroot mercenaries. I called Renn and found out the bad news: Coteaz still doesn't allow you to have 7+ Troops choices. Would have been a revelation. Still a ton of possibilities with the Inquisitor's retinue.

By the time Tamie picked me up at around 11:30 I was all caught up on my emails. I rode up in the back seat with the kids. They couldn't be more pleasant, singing and laughing the whole way. We headed to a local amusement park, riding in almost no charge on passes my wife bought earlier in the year. She is the queen of coupons and deals.

We had a much-needed blast. The older kids and I went in for laser tag, their first time with that and it blew their little minds. It's all they wanted to do the entire afternoon. Yup five hours well-spent. I passed most of the time with Willow; on the carousel and this spinning kiddie plane ride. I had a lingering moment of vicarious joy as she soared up with a grin all the way across her little face. There was also a ride on round boats, like multi-color doughnuts in a shallow pool. Each one had a button that would cause a spray of water to come out of the front, like a little water gun. Willow and I were having a lovely time until some kid (there's always one) started following us around, blasting me right in the head with questionable pool water. Well, at least he was having a good time.

I wore my Ron Paul shirt (one of four!) and got quite a few high fives from young people.

Then back to the studio to wrap it all up. Once home I whipped up some noodles, carrots, bean sprouts, and bok choy; ladled it into bowls for the kids and called that dinner!



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