Already in Heaven

Downtown Provo, while my wife and I were out walking around, we ran into Amrik on his bike; he's the owner of our favorite Indian restaurant.

Me at a local animal museum.

Willow gets her first haircut. Two days before she found a pair of scissors, looked at them and said to herself "I know what these are for". I suppose then that this is her second haircut.

Shannon as the door-vampire at the roller derby match. It was too cool for words.

Now it's Monday and I must say that my life is superb. Sure there are problems, stresses and frustrations, arguments, but overall I must say that I feel like I'm already in heaven. My family is ever so sweet.

Quite a few irons in the fire for studio armies. You can buy them if you want.

Orks 2500 pts $1900.
Ogres 3000 pts $2100
Dark Eldar 2500 pts $2150 (with some ever sweet battlefoam)
Fungus Nids up to 3000 pts again $1950
High Elves 3000 pts $1150

Fungus Nids are going up against a local's Grey Knights. I am hoping to do High Elves vs Ogres this weekend, we shall see.

To be announced soon: private Valhalla for $8400. The most ultimately insane getaway for wargaming friends and your families. A kingly birthday gift. Limited time offer: pick up a private Valhalla and walk away with a studio army ($2000 value).



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