Fungus Nids 2: Revenge of the Fungus

Here's a list of what's in the army.

4x Tervigon (sporeback conversion)
6x Hive Guard
6x Venomthrope
6x Zoanthrope
6x Mycetic Spore Pod
3x Pyrovore
120x Hormagaunts
80x Termagants
8x Genestealers
1x Brood Lord (Space Hulk- awesome)
20x Gargoyles
6x Shrikes
2x Carnifex
1x Trygon Prime (Forge World version)
1x Tyrannofex (Forge World barbed heirodule)

Right around 5000 pts.

This is on the block for $4650. You are also welcome to part it out if you want (if you want to drop some units, the cost can be proprotionate).

If you have a HOTI, I will allow you to burn up to the entire amount on this army if you want-- effectively cashing it out all in one go. The only caveat is that I would need a month to do Batreps with it.

Pics and vids forthcoming.



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