So, what's going on with ole Gately?

As usual on Saturday I was working. Had a couple from up northern Utah come down for a visit. They bought some second-hand stuff and set up an Imperial Fists project (hello Alex and Amanda!). I'm also working on setting up tournaments and a game shop. You heard it here first.

My daughter came down to the studio for a visit. I put her to work cleaning and then we headed to a local pet shop where we saw a Komodo Dragon and a bearded lizard (about a foot long). I really like that lizard and I'm thinking the stair landing would be a great place for a huge and elaborately decorated terrarium. While at the pet shop they fed that critter a huge crawly cockroach. It was gruesome. My daughter squealed in revulsion.

Jon and I went to lunch in Provo at this upscale burger joint called Spark. Angus beef. It was pretty amazing. I don't think I can go back to regular beef right now. I plan on having a staff BBQ this week. That will be televised.

On to Sunday.

I slept in, a much needed recharge after a hectic week. It was General Conference today so we pretty much stayed at home in our jammies. My wife and I set up our laptops on the kitchen table and listened to conference all day. I ate salsa, hummus and chips for breakfast lunch and dinner. Willow tore of all her clothes and ran around out back through the sprinklers like some hillbilly child. I got one of my shirts on her, which look like full robes. She's adorable playing mommy penguin with a box of little plastic penguins. I have to say it was a slice of idyllic family life today.

I can't say how much I love my family. It's a delight to come home. I had no idea it would be so great and apparently it just keeps getting better. I am calm and full of Grace. For me, I'm already in Heaven. What could be better?

Now that doesn't mean there isn't stress and troubles. I get stress headaches and I wring my hands with too much worry.

I am looking over Mutants and Masterminds as an alternate RPG to Champions. It's got a lot of things I like, but it's futile. It's the "so many games, too little time" thing. I got the Ogre list I want to play all done and the models lined up for ordering. Plus more Fungus Nids:

6x Hive Guard
3x Pyrovore (yes I want to give this a good try)
6x Zoanthrope
20x Gargoyles

I'm also going to get a trio of Carnifexes, plain and simple, done up, just for kicks.

No biovores, too situational. But they sure worked great against the Tau! I can't wait to play another game. I can't get enough.

I got to get going on War Machine again as we are starting a studio league.



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