Just Another Manic Sunday

All right folks, those of you that still frequent here, I shall not disappoint.

First off, the guy that bought the Fungus Nids changed his mind and picked up the Space Wolves instead. I am sending them out at the end of the month. He also picked up half the Fungus Nids and will pick up the rest later. Gamers are notoriously fickle.

I plan on replacing the Fungus Nids. I love everything about them. They are loads and loads of fun. I grabbed a few army books to look at over the weekend. I want to do a "good" studio army as a foil for the Ogres for Warhammer Fantasy, and we may be getting in a High Elf trade that will fit the bill nicely. I'm also thinking of doing Dwarfs. We've got a lot of those in on trade and Sky Marshall Anonymo wanted to play them. Looking likely.

Before all that I was thinking of expanding the Empire stuff we have in stock, but somebody bought it all.

If you want to poke around for pics of the High Elves go to our website > Gallery > Completed Projects > 2010 > client name "SG". No it's not me. They are teal, though which I love. It's not a done deal yet.

For 40K I have always wanted to do a Kroot army. But what list to use? I was thinking GK Inquisitor. But after really mulching it over the weekend I decided to just expand the Desert Strike force into a more infantry-based thing. However, I'm not sure how stock levels are looking on those. And let me tell you I considered almost every list. It was nuts.

The problem with the Kroot is that I want to use the awesome Forge World Gnarlocs and there isn't any good equivalents in any list for them. Big monsters.

As for today (Sunday) just another day of rest, hanging out with my beloved family. I made some of my bok choy noodles today, but I left in too much water for the spice pouch so they were pretty bland. But they had plenty of veggies in there (and no meat!) so it was might healthy.

I went for a walk with Tamie just after twilight, the tail end, and she wasn't feeling well so she had to lean on me a bit. Almost time to put the kids to bed.



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